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Wathen Gardiner Frequently Asked Questions


How do I find out what size I am?

Use a tape measure around your waist where you normally wear your trousers. Remember our trousers and breeks do not allow any additional material on top of the size specified –don't be offended if you have to go up from your usual size! You do not normally have to go up a size for waistcoats.

What does ‘unfinished leg' mean?

An unfinished leg simply means the bottoms of the legs aren't turned up to a specific size. We do this so that customers can have their trousers finished to their own leg length –this is a service we offer but it does mean the clothing cannot be refunded so please make sure you order the correct size.

Can you ship internationally?

Certainly but unfortunately our website cannot currently process international shipping. Please contact us with your requirements and delivery details and we will find out how much it will cost (additional shipping is charged at cost).

What is the difference between breeks and plus 4's?

Breeks use the same cut as trousers, plus 4's are the same as breeks but with an additional 4 inches of material giving a much baggier appearance. We only manufacture breeks as our customers have found them to be simply more practical.

Is my payment secure?

Yes. Having used several different payment systems over the years we have found that Paypal gives the greatest piece of mind to both parties. Despite the higher charges (on our side) we have found the reassurance given by people paying through paypal gives them greater confidence throughout their shopping experience.
However, if you would prefer to speak to someone and pay over the phone please call 01306 876767.

Is the material actually the skin of moles?

No, ‘moleskin' is simply the traditional term for 100% brushed cotton. No moles are harmed in the manufacture of our clothing!

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